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How do I transfer ownership of a video to a different user?

The user that uploads a video to MediaSpace is the "owner" of the video. The video is stored in the owner's My Media. Video Owners can trasfer ownership of a video to another user.

Note: Only the owner of a video can add the video to a channel that they manage.

After login, click on your account name and select My Media

This displays all of the video that you own.

To the right of the video you want to transfer ownership, click Edit

This displays the edit page for that video.

Click Collaboration

This opens a dropdown collaborations panel.

Click "Change Media Owner"

This displays a Change Media Owner pop-up panel.

Enter the name of the user you want to transfer ownership of the video, then click Save

Note:  The user must have logged into MediaSpace at least once previously to be eligible for ownership

If you type the first name of the user in the box a list of users with that first name should appear for you to select the correct user account.

Clicking "Save" transfers ownership of the video to the other user.

Ownership of a video has no effect on its placement in a channel or in a playlist.