How do I copy a playlist embed code?

All users that have "manager" permissions on a channel can copy a channel playlist embed code.

For directions on how to create a playlist see: "How do I create a playlist?"

For directions on how to add videos to a playlist see: "How do I add videos to an existing playlist"

After login, click All Channels

This displays all of the channels you manage.

Click the channel that contains the playlist that you want to copy the embed code

This displays the contents of the channel (including all channel playlists)

Click Actions / Edit

This displays the channel editing page.

Click Playlists

This displays the playlists editing page

To the right of the playlist that contains the embed code you want to copy, click Embed

This displays a pop-up embed code panel.

Select the "Horizontal" option (default) then copy the embed code to your computer clipboard (COMMAND-C MAC / CTRL-C PC)

This copies the embed code to your computer's clipboard.

After copying the embed code, click Cancel

Example of a playlist embed code:

<iframe src="[playlistAPI.kpl0Id]=1_p2a1ivnc&flashvars[playlistAPI.autoContinue]=true&flashvars[playlistAPI.autoInsert]=true&flashvars[ks]=&flashvars[streamerType]=auto&flashvars[localizationCode]=en&flashvars[imageDefaultDuration]=30&flashvars[leadWithHTML5]=true&flashvars[nextPrevBtn.plugin]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.plugin]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.position]=left&flashvars[sideBarContainer.clickToClose]=true&flashvars[chapters.plugin]=true&flashvars[chapters.layout]=vertical&flashvars[chapters.thumbnailRotator]=false&flashvars[streamSelector.plugin]=true&flashvars[EmbedPlayer.SpinnerTarget]=videoHolder&flashvars[dualScreen.plugin]=true" width="740" height="530" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozAllowFullScreen frameborder="0"></iframe>