How do I add videos to an existing playlist?

All users that have "manager" permissions on a channel can add channel videos to an existing playlist.

For directions on how to create a playlist see: "How do I create a playlist?"

After login, click All Channels

This displays all of the channels that you manage.

Click on the channel that contains the playlist

This displays the channel contents (including all of the channel playlists)

Click Actions / Edit

This displays the editing page for the channel.

Click Playlists

This displays the editing page for the channel playlists.

To the right of the playlist you want to add videos, click the pencil (edit) icon.

This displays the pop-up playlist editing panel

Click Add Media

This displays the channel media that can be added to the playlist.

Click the "Add" button on the top right of each video you want to add to the playlist. When finished, click Save

This saves all of the videos you have added to the playlist as part of the playlist and returns the display to the playlist editing page with the number of videos in the playlist increased.


For directions for copying the playlist embed code see: "How do I copy a playlist embed code?"