How do I upload a video to MediaSpace?

All users that have been granted uploading permissions by Educational Technology Services ( can log into the Tufts University MediaSpace ( and upload videos to their My Media

Go to and click "Not Logged In", then select "Login"

This displays the Tufts MediaSpace login panel

Enter your Tufts University username and password, then click login

This displays your MediaSpace home page.

After logging into MediaSpace, click your account and select My Media

This displays your MediaSpace My Media page. This page contains all of the video files you own.

Click Add New and select Media Upload

This displays the upload media page.

Click "+Choose a file to upload"

This displays your computer's file locator.

Select the video file on your computer and click Open (or Select)

This displays the Upload Media page and begins uploading the video.

Add Name, Description, Tags and click Save.


Do not click "Save" until the video is fully uploaded

  • Name: Recommend using the title of the video.  If subtitled, add information about the subtitles to the Name
  • Description: Video information
  • Tags: Recommend the name of the instructor(s) and Department

Clicking Save, saves the uploaded file to your My Media.

Click "Go to My Media"

This displays the video in your My Media list.

Note: The video will first appear in your My Media as an icon indicating that the video is being processed. Once the video is fully processed, the fist frame of the video will be displayed as a icon/link to the video.  Depending on the length of the video, this may take a long time.

Videos cannot be added to a channel until they are fully processed.

Example of fully processed video in your My Media