How do I view departmental course evaluation reports?

Course evaluation reports for Deans & Department Chairs are available in Tableau.  Please note: Individual course/Instructor reports are available to Instructions direcly through Trunk.

NOTE: All of the examples below were taken from a version of the Course Evaluation Dashboard in which the scores were scrambled, meaning that all of the scores associated with courses shown are fictitious.

Navigate to Tableau

Go to the Course Evaluation Dashboard at the following URL:


Use your Tufts Username and Password to logon to the Tableau Server

Dashboard Home

When you have logged on to the server the Course Evaluation Dashboard will be displayed. Depending on which evaluations you have privileges to see, the screen may be filled out with evaluation information or it may be empty.

Using the pull down lists on the left part of the dashboard you can select one or more course evaluations and then further narrow your search by choosing one or more Academic Groups, Course Subjects, Instructors or Evaluation Questions.


Pull Down Menus

Pull Down Menus

At each level the choice will be restricted by the choices higher up. For example if you have chosen the Fall 2013 Course Evaluations  Arts and Sciences and Engineering and the Subject Biology and then selected an instructor, the only instructors displayed would be those that had taught Biology and had been evaluated in the selected evaluation.

As show below each of the pull down lists allows you choose one or more evaluations by clicking on the box to the left of the evaluation title. To deselect all the choices click on the (ALL) box and then when all of the boxes appear selected click on the (All) box again.

Please note: If you select an evaluation that you do not have access to you will not see any data in the list boxes below the Course Evaluation selection.  

Departmental View

In the diagram above the user has chosen the Fall 2013 Course Evaluations  Arts and Sciences and Engineering evaluation and then chosen the subject Political Science. All of the evaluation information for all of the evaluated Political Science courses is then displayed, sorted in ascending order by the average score for each class section. Because we have not selected evaluation questions we are seeing the average score for ALL scaled (i.e. Non-Essay) questions. In the display we can see the standard deviation of the scores in each section as well as the average of scores across all of the selected courses, in this case all of the Political Science courses. Any score that is in the yellow area is above the average.

Individual Course Reports

To navigate to the detailed view of a particular course evaluation simply click on the class section.

The detailed evaluation information for that class section is shown with the scaled questions on the left and the essay question on the right.

By clicking on the TableForm tab you can access a tabular view of the Course Evaluations you have selected  in this case Fall 2013 Arts and Sciences Evaluations for Political Science classes. Since All Questions were selected we see data (scrolled horizontally) for each scaled question on the evaluation.


Exporting Data

You can easily move this data into excel by selecting the icon indicated below and then selecting CrossTab from the menu displayed. Excel should automatically start and the data should appear in the Excel Workbook.