Trunk Tips Newsletter May 2015

On Tuesday, May 12th, Trunk was upgraded to a new version (1.6). The upgrade includes a number of new tools and features

Tip 1: Unpublish Course Site

All Trunk course sites remain active and can be accessed by registered student accounts as long as the course site is published. If you no longer want students to access your course site you can unpublish it. To unpublish your course site:

  • Go to the Course Site
  • Click Site Editor
  • Click Manage Access
  • Select Leave as Draft
  • Click Update

Tip 2: Export Gradebook

Instructors can export a copy of their Trunk grade book for their own archives. To export your grade book:

  • Go to the Course Site
  • Click Gradebook2
  • Click Tools/Export
  • Select Full Gradebook
  • Click Export

Tip 3: Print/Archive Forums

Instructors can print or archive the content of their course site forums by doing the following:

  • Go to the Course Site
  • Click on the name of the Topic
  • Click on the Print icon
  • Click Send to Printer (Note: If you have a PDF printer application installed on your computer, you should be able to "print" to a PDF file)