Trunk Tips Newsletter December 2014

Tip 1: Export Gradebook

Instructors may want to export their grade book at the end of the semester to have a copy of their course grades on their local computer.

  • Go to the Course Site
  • Click Gradebook2
  • Click Tools/Export
  • Select Full Gradebook
  • Select Export format (.csv., xls., xlsx)
  • Click Export

Tip 2: Unpublish Site

Course sites are not automatically unpublished at the end of the semester. Students having accounts on a Trunk course site will continue to have access to the site until the instructor unpublishes the site. Some instructors may want to unpublish their course site at the end of the semester.

  • Go to the Course Site
  • Click Site Editor
  • Click Manage Access
  • Select "Leave as Draft"
  • Click Update

Tip 3: Hide old Course sites

Trunk course sites are not removed from the server at the end of the semester. Some users may want to hide unused sites from being displayed under the "More Sites" button.

  • Go to the your My Workspace Site
  • Click Preferences
  • In the "My Active Sites" box, select a site and click the right arrow button to move the course site to the "My Hidden Sites" box
  • Click Update Preferences

Tip 4: View Course Evaluations

Instructors can access and view their course evaluation reports after final grades are due for the semester (usually a few weeks after final exams).

  • Go to the your My Workspace Site
  • Click Course Evaluations
  • Click View Report
  • Checkmark the course you want to view the report (you may select multiple courses)
  • Click Submit
  • Click one of the export options to save to your computer

Note: Course Evaluation Reports accesible to Instructors via Trunk are available for the past academic year only. Contact your department for archived evaluation data.