Trunk Tips Newsletter October 2014

Tip 1: Media Gallery Pilot Program

Tip 1: Media Gallery Pilot Program

During the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters, Trunk will be piloting a new tool named "Media Gallery". The Media Gallery took allows instructors and Project site Organizers to upload, manage and distribute video, audio and image files to their Trunk site and stream those media files to their students.

Media files (video/audio/images) can be uploaded to a Site Library or organized into discrete Collections. Content in the Media Gallery tool is displayed as thumbnail images, that when clicked, open and play in a bullt-in media player located within the Media Gallery tool (much like YouTube).

Instructors can allow students to upload media files to the Site Library or to a Collection either as part of a shared media space or privately as an assignment that can be viewed by the instructor and the individual student.

An additional feature of the Media Gallery tool allows instructors and students to create, upload and manage web cam videos.

Detailed information on the Media Gallery tool can be found by clicking on the "Help" button on any Trunk page. Click on the Media Gallery (Pilot) chapter located in the left column to display the Media Gallery help articles.

Anyone interested in participating in this Media Gallery pilot program should contact Trunk at [email protected]. Include the name and number of your Trunk site and an indication of how you might use the Media Gallery tool in your course. Trunk Support will then add the Media Gallery tool to your Trunk site. Pilot participants are expected to provide Trunk Support with a short evaluation of the tool at the end of the semester.

Tip 2: Piazza Discussion Board

Tip 2: Piazza Discussion Board

Trunk has a new tool called Piazza. Piazza is a Question and Answer discussion board that is uniquely designed to facilitate collaborative interaction among students. It is designed to model face-to-face group discussions allowing for the creation of complex questions and complex answers.

Questions can be posed by both students and instructors and the answers are editable by both students and instructors. Students collaborate on answeres in a wiki-like environment to create a single response to any question. Over time, students can enhance a response until a single high quality answer is reached. Answers can generate additional follow-up questions and answers, adding clarity and depth to the original question/answers.

The Piazza Discussion Board tool can be added to your Trunk site under Site Editor/ Edit tools.

Tip 3: Evaluation Reports Archiving

Beginning Novemeber 1st, Course Evaluation Reports accessible to instructors via Trunk will be available for the past academic year only. We encourage instructors to download copies of reports they would like to save.

Instructions for viewing and downloading copies can be found in the Trunk Help Guide.

In consultation with Academic Deans, we have worked with departmental staff to ensure departments have access to this data should you need to review a past report. This archiving of reports is done to ensure that the evaluation system continues to function properly in the long term.

Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.