Trunk Tips Newsletter September 2014

Welcome Back!

In May, 2014, Trunk was upgraded to version 1.5. This upgrade was based on Sakai version 2.9.3. The upgrade includes a number of new Trunk tools and an upgrade in many existing Trunk tool features. Go here for more information on the Trunk upgrade.

Tip 1: Publish Now


The new Trunk interface includes a "Publish Now" button located on the Course site home page for easy one-click publishing of course site.

Tip 2: Trunk Profile2 Images Integrated into Forums Tool


Students that upload an image to their Trunk Profile2 tool will have that image displayed in their Forums postings. If you would like to use this new Trunk feature, have your students upload an image to their Trunk Profile2 tool located on their Trunk Workspace site.

Tip 3: New Tool - Feedback

Instructors can use the new Feedback tool to upload and distribute a comma-delimited (CSV) spreadsheet to present individual feedback and/or grades to students. Instructors can upload as many feedback files as they want. Students only see their own individual feedback and/or grades.

The Feedback tool provides a convenient mechanism to post comments and grades for those instructors that regularly use Excel spreadsheet files to calculate grades. You might also use it to post class attendance records from a spreadsheet file.

To add the Feedback tool to your course site, go to Site Editor/Edit Tools, checkmark the Feedback tool, then Save.