Trunk Tips Newsletter September 2011

Trunk Tips Newsletter September 2011

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Trunk Tips, an e-newsletter that provides useful, timely information on Trunk, Tufts’ new collaboration and learning environment. This issue focuses on tasks that are needed to begin teaching with Trunk this fall.

Tip 1: Log in and Explore

Go to and log in using your Tufts Simplified Sign-on credentials (UTLN + webmail password). There are three types of sites in Trunk:

  1. My Workspace is a special type of site that serves as a private work area for each Trunk user. This is where you land when you first log in.

  2. Course sites are used in conjunction with Tufts academic courses and are automatically created from the Student Information System (SIS). Starting this September, faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the Fletcher School will be using Trunk for their courses instead of Blackboard.

  3. Project sites are designed to facilitate collaboration by a group of users. Anyone with Tufts credentials can create and use project sites.

Tip 2: Don’t lose your work!

Trunk times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. To avoid losing your work, save or complete tasks at regular intervals. (Many tasks have a “Finish” button). Remember that Trunk cannot detect typing inside the text editor as “activity”. Therefore, save often!

Tip 3: Publish your course site

Trunk course sites are automatically populated by SIS with students accounts as students register for the course. However, students who are registered for your course cannot see your Trunk course site until you publish it. To publish a course site go to Site Editor/Manage Access. Check the “Publish” box and click on “Update”.

Tip 4: Adding/Removing Students

Students who are not enrolling for a course via SIS must be added manually to the site. If you are an instructor who needs to add a student to your site, go to the Site Editor, click Add participants and type in the email of the student. If they have a Tufts email, use the top box. If they do not, use the bottom box and make sure to send notification. When manually adding students, you must choose the “Student – Nonregistered” role.