Trunk Tips Newsletter October 2011

Tip 1: Copying or Moving Folders and Files

Folders and files in Resources can be copied or moved from one site to another site by an Instructor, TA or Course Builder in a Course site, an Organizer or Participant in a Project site or the Owner of a My Workspace site. When you copy a file or folder to another site, you are making a duplicate copy to post on the other site. When you move a file or folder, you are physically moving the file or folder from one location to another.

To copy or move a single folder or file from one site to another:

  1. Locate the site you are copying or moving files or folder to. From the Tools Menu, clickResources.

  2. At the base of the window, click Show other sites. This will display all of the folders in Resources from all the sites that you have permission to copy or move.

  3. Locate the file or folder in the list of other sites that you would like to copy or move. Note: Click the folder plus sign (+) to display the contents of the folders.

  4. To the right of the folder or file you want to copy or move, click the Actions button. SelectCopy or Move.

  5. To the right of the folder you want the item pasted to, click the Actions button. To copy, selectPaste Copied Items. To move, select Paste Moved Items.

To copy or move more than one file or folder at once:

  1. Check-off files or folders you want to copy or move.

  2. Click Copy or Move.

  3. To the right of the folder you want to copy or move the items to, click the Clipboard Icon. This will paste the items in that folder.

Tip 2: Hiding and Showing Folders

Files or folders in the Resources tool can be hidden or displayed by an instructor, TA or Course Builder on a Course site or an Organizer on a Project site.

To hide files or folders:

  1. Locate the site where you want to hide files or folders and from the Tools Menu, clickResources.

  2. To the right of the folder or file you would like to hide, click Actions and then select Edit Details.

  3. In the Availability and Access Section, select the Hide this folder and its contents (if it is a folder) or Hide this file (if it is a file).

  4. Click Update. The file or folder will appear in Resources as grayed-out and will not be visible to students or participants. Note: Hiding a folder will also hide all of the files listed in the folder.


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