Trunk Tips Newsletter February 2012

Trunk has added several new features to the Spring 2012 Course & Project sites.

  1. Student Photos

    Instructors on Course and Project sites can view photos of students who are enrolled in the course or project and have access to the site. These photos can be viewed by clicking on the Roster tool and then on the “Pictures” menu item.

  2. WIRIS Formula Editor

    All Trunk users now have access to WIRIS, a built-in mathematical formula editor, when adding content to any Trunk text box. Access to WIRIS is via an icon located in the Trunk Web Editor.

    WIRIS performs basic mathematical operations, matrix calculus, calculus and series, logic and set theory, units and Greek alphabet. Expressions are stored in standard MathML.

    A quick tour of the WIRS Formula Editor can be found here:

    The WIRS Formula Editor user manual can be found here:

  3. Basic Project Site Template

    A basic project site template has been developed in Trunk to provide the user with an easy way to create a project site and have quick access to the Resources folder. Here are the step by step instructions to create a project site using the template: Go to My Workspace > Site Setup > New > Create Site from Template and select “project – Basic Project Site”, enter a name for your Project Site and click “Continue”. Your new project site will now appear in your list of sites.

Important Tip for Fall 2011 Courses

Since learning is cumulative, students often find it helpful to have access to courses that they have taken in the past. In Trunk, students can continue to access a course they have taken in a previous semester unless the instructor eliminates access to the course by unpublishing it. To “unpublish” a course after the semester is over, just follow the same steps as to publish: Go to Site Editor > Manage Access, uncheck the “Publish site” box and click “Update”.