Trunk Tips Newsletter November 2012

Tips for 2013 Spring Courses

The shells for 2013 spring courses are now available in Trunk for faculty who want to begin working on them.  Faculty can locate their spring course sites by logging into Trunk, using their Tufts Username and Password, and going to their Quicklinks or MySites tab where they should be listed.

The spring course sites are empty and ready to have content added to them.  They are also unpublished, so no students will be able to see them until they are published by the instructor. Faculty can copy course content from another Trunk site to the new course site.

Visit the Trunk Support Site to get lots of useful information on Trunk.

New Tool – Drop Box

The Trunk Drop Box tool offers secure student-to-instructor and instructor-to-student file sharing. Trunk automatically creates a drop box folder for each student and site participant in the Drop Box tool, when the tool is deployed to the site. Students are only able to see and access their own folders, while instructors can see all student folders.

Drop boxes provide a handy way for instructors to exchange non-graded material with students and to exchange feedback on their progress on a project or in a course. They are also convenient for courses and projects in which instructors require students to turn in weekly journal entries.

To deploy the Drop Box tool:

  1. Go to the Course or Project site

  2. Click on Site Editor, then, Edit Tools

  3. Checkmark the Drop Box tool, then, click Continue, then, Finish

Online Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations for the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering, the Fletcher School, and the Friedman School will be completed through Trunk, beginning this semester.

For Students
Online evaluation forms can be accessed via the link titled “Course Evaluations” in the left-hand toolbar in your My Workspace area. PLEASE complete your evaluations -  your participation is critical to the assessment and improvement of teaching at Tufts.  Please note: Evaluations completed through Trunk are anonymous.

For Instructors
Evaluation reports will be available to you via the link titled “Course Evaluations” in the left-hand toolbar in your My Workspace area after grades have been closed.

If you have any questions about Online Course Evaluations please contact [email protected].