Trunk Tips Newsletter January 2013

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you all had a nice relaxing holiday. The Trunk team is already busy at wrapping up the fall semester and preparing for the spring semester. The course evaluation reports for fall 2012 courses that used the Trunk evaluation tool are being finalized and faculty will be notified via email when they are ready for viewing. Below are the first few tips in series of tips about how to effectively use the Trunk text toolbar. We hope you find the information helpful.

Trunk Text Toolbar Tips

The Trunk text box toolbar appears in a wide variety of Trunk tools (Announcements, Syllabus, Assignments, Forums, Test & Quizzes, Calendar, Glossary, Messages, Mailtool, Resources and Site Information Display). The toolbar consists of text formatting tools accessed by clicking on one of the toolbar icons.

Adding Diacritical Marks

 Clicking on the “Special Character” icon allows users to insert a variety of common diacritical marks and characters.


EXAMPLE: Liberté, égalité, fraternité, French for “Liberty, equality, fraternity (brotherhood)”, is the national motto of France.

Adding mp3 Audio

Clicking on the “Insert/Edit Movie” icon allows users to add an embedded mp3 Audio to the text box. To add the embedded mp3 audio to a Trunk text box:

  • Click on the Insert/Edit Movie icon – This displays the Movie dialog box.
  • Click Browse Server – This displays Trunk’s entity picker. Your site Resource folders should be displayed.
  • Click on the folder that contains the mp3 Audio file then select the file.


  • Click on the Browse button and browse your computer for an mp3 audio file, then select the file.
  • Click on “Upload”. This will upload your mp3 audio file to your selected Resources folder – This returns you to the Movie dialog box (now with the path to the audio file displayed).
  • Adjust the height to 50 pixels then click OK.

The mp3 audio file will appear in the Trunk text box as a ‘puzzle’ icon but will display as an embedded mp3 audio player when posted.