Trunk Tips Newsletter March 2013

Trunk Text Toolbar Tips Part III

Text Toolbar

The Trunk text box toolbar appears in a wide variety of Trunk tools (Announcements, Syllabus, Assignments, Forums, Test & Quizzes, Calendar, Glossary, Messages, Mailtool, Resources and Site Information Display). The toolbar consists of text formatting tools accessed by clicking on one of the toolbar icons.

Adding a Youtube Video

Clicking on the “Source” icon places the Trunk text box in HTML edit mode allowing users to paste a YouTube embed code.

To embed a YouTube video in a Trunk text box:

  • Go to the YouTube website and locate the video you would like to embed in the Trunk text box.
  • In YouTube, click on the Share button, then click on Embed.
  • This displays the YouTube embed code.
  • Checkmark Use Old embed code.
  • Copy this code to your computer’s clipboard (CTRL-C WIN or CMD-C MAC).
  • Go to the Trunk Text box and click on the Source icon.
  • This displays the text box in HTML edit mode.
  • Paste the YouTube embed code into the Trunk text box.
  • Click on the Source icon. This returns you to the trunk text box.
  • The embedded YouTube video will appear in the Trunk text box as a “puzzle” icon but will display as an embedded mp3 audio player when posted.



Adding a Template

Clicking on the Templates icon allows users to insert a number of MS Word-type templates to format the display of content.