Trunk Tips Newsletter April 2013

JumboStudy Groups

JumboStudy is a new service that provides Tufts students a way to create study groups for classes and facilitate a collaborative learning environment. It offers a way to set up a location, time, and study topics and is available for all Trunk course sites and all Trunk Project sites. Any instructor or any student can create a scheduled JumboStudy Group.

Direct your browser to: and login with your Tufts University username and password.

Upon login, JumboStudy matches your Tufts username with the class and project sites that you are member of in Trunk. Note: even if the instructor chooses not to publish their Trunk course site, the class will still show up in JumboStudy.


  • Click on Create

  • Select one of your Trunk course sites or Trunk project sites

  • Select a location and time for the study group

  • Click on Submit

Once you have created a study group all class members (after logging into JumboStudy) can see and join that study group or join any study groups created for the course by others.

JumboStudy also allows users to subscribe to a JumboStudy RSS feed that can be posted by the instructor on a Trunk course site alerting users to all available study groups for that course.

Find more information about JumboStudy Groups at:

Spark Tools

Spark Tools provides a single point of access to a variety of free, web-based tools for communication, collaboration, and Internet publishing that help support teaching, learning, research, and co-curricular activities at Tufts University.

All Trunk course sites have a link in the left navigation panel to Spark Tools.


Log into Spark Tools with your Tufts University credentials to create and manage a wide variety of Teaching/Learning tools:

  • Spark Wikis: The Spark Wiki tool allows instructors or students to add, revise and edit web content.  It is an excellent choice for most collaborative writing activities.

  • Spark Blogs (WordPress): WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform that allows instructors and students to easily create attractive, customizable content for the web. WordPress can be used for website or course site creation, content management, online collaboration, newsletters, portfolios, blogs and more.

  • Spark Maps: The Spark Maps tool allows instructors and students to create and share maps and geo-referenced data.

  • Spark Podcasts: The Spark Podcast tool allows instructors or students to easily generate and publish audio podcast feeds that can be subscribed to for automatic updates.

  • Spark Media Markup: The Spark Media Markup tool allows instructors or students to provide commentary, feedback, and reflections, at specific time locations within digital audio and video files. It is an excellent tool for providing feedback to students on their recorded performances for creating indexes that allow viewers to jump to specific locations in the media or for allowing viewers to annotate recordings of lectures, presentations, or meetings.