Trunk Tips Newsletter January 2014

Trunk Tips Newsletter January 2014

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Here are a few tips to help you as your prepare for the Spring semester.

Access Course Evaluation Reports

Fall 2013 course evaluation reports are now available to instructors. To access a course evaluation report as an instructor:

  • Go to your Workspace site

  • Click on Course Evaluations

  • Click on View Report for a particular semester’s evaluations

  • Checkmark the course report you would like to view

  • Click Submit. The evaluation report for that course will be displayed.

Instructors can download a copy of the course evaluation by clicking on “Export CSV” or “Export Excel” or “Export PDF”.

Instructors can also checkmark multiple courses and receive an evaluation report that combines the evaluation data for the multiple courses.

Instructors that teach courses with multiple instructors can view the overall course evaluation but can only view their own instructor evaluation.

Copy Course Content From One Site to Another

Some instructors may wish to copy some or all of their course site content from one course site to another course site (for instance, from a fall Trunk course site to a spring Trunk course site). To copy the content from one course site to another course site:

  • Go to the NEW course site.

  • Click Site Editor / Import from Site.

  • Click I Would Like To Replace My Data or I Would like to Merge My Data (read the description of each action).

  • Select the course site from which you would like to Replace or Merge your content.

  • Click Continue.

  • Select the content you would like to Replace or Merge into the new course site.

  • Click Finish. The selected content from the old site should now Replace or Merge with the new course site.

You must have either Instructor, TA or Course Builder access to both course sites to copy content from one course site to another course site.

Publish a Course Site

Trunk course sites are automatically populated with the accounts of officially registered students. However, students cannot see a Trunk course site until the instructor publishes it. To Publish your Course site:

  • Go to the Course site

  • Click on Site Editor (located near the bottom of the tool panel on the left)

  • Click on Manage Access (located in the Site Editor Menu near the top of the page)

  • Checkmark Publish

  • Under Site Visibility select Private

  • Click Update

Edit Your Quicklinks

  • Go to your Workspace site / Preferences

  • Set the number of Quicklinks displayed by adjusting the Tabs Displayed number.

  • Adjust the order of the Quicklinks by selecting the name of a site in the My Active Sites box and moving it up or down the list with the up or down arrow buttons

  • When finished, click Update Preferences

  • Click on the Home button in the left navigation panel to refresh the page.