Trunk Tips Newsletter May 2014

Trunk has been upgraded!

On Tuesday, May 13th Trunk was upgraded to version. 1.5. This upgrade includes a vumber of new tools and features.

To learn more about the upgrade visit the new help tool.

Tips for Summer and Fall Courses

The shells for summer and fall 2014 courses are now available in Trunk for faculty who want to begin working on them. Faculty can locate their summer and fall course sites by logging into Trunk, using their Tufts Username and Password, and going to their Quicklinks or More Sites button where they should be listed.

The summer and fall course sites are empty and ready to have content added to them. They are also unpublished, so no students will be able to see them until they are published by the instructor. If the course site is unpublished, there will be an "Unpublished Site" notice on the top left of the site's Home page. Clicking "Publish" Now will publish the course site.

Tip 1: Copy Course Content

Some instructors may wish to copy some or all of their course site content from one course site to another course site (for instance, from a fall Trunk course site to a spring Trunk course site).

To copy the content from one course site to another course site:

  1. Go to the NEW course site.
  2. Click Site Editor / Import from Site.
  3. Click I Would LikeTo Replace My Data or I Would like to Merge My Data (read the description of each action).
  4. Select the course site from which you would like to Replace or Merge your content.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select the content you would like to Replace or Merge into the new course site.
  7. Click Finish. The selected content from the old site should now Replace or Merge with the new course site.

Note: You must have either Instructor, TA or Course Builder access to both course sites to copy content from one course site to another course site.

Tip 2: "Unpublishing" Spring 2014 Courses

Since learning is cumulative, students often find it helpful to have access to courses that they have taken in the past. In Trunk, students can continue to access a course they have taken in a previous semester unless the instructor eliminates access to the course by unpublishing it. To “unpublish” a course after the semester is over:

  1. Go to Site Editor / Manage Access
  2. Select the Leave as Draft button
  3. Click Update.