Piazza Discussion Board

What is Piazza?

What is Piazza?

Piazza is a Question and Answer discussion board that is uniquely designed to facilitate collaborative interaction among students.  It is designed to model face-to-face group discussions allowing for the creation of complex questions and complex answers. Questions can be posed by both students and instructors and the answers are editable by both students and instructors.

Why use Piazza?

Collaborative Problem Solving

Piazza is frequently used by Tufts instructors in the School of Engineering and the Computer Science Department to engage students in problem solving exercises.

Display Equations

In the Mathematics Department, some Tufts instructors use Piazza because it facilitates the formatting of complex equations (LaTeX equations editor).

Mobile Compatibility

Piazza works on all mobile devices independent of the Trunk Learning Management System

How to use Piazza

How to use Piazza

Student Posts

1- Students can either post a question, post a remark, or post a poll question.

2- Students can either post to the entire class or just to the instructor.

3- Students can post with their account name attached to the post, or can post anonymous to the class (but not the instructor) or post anonymous to everyone (including the instructor).

How to get started with Piazza

To get started with Piazza, contact Educational Technology Services ([email protected]) who will help you set up your account, train you in it's use, and advise on how top effectively incorporate it into your teaching.