Trunk Learning Management System

What is Trunk?

What is Trunk?

Trunk is an online environment designed to facilitate teaching, learning, and assessment at Tufts. It is used by the Schools of Arts &Sciences, Engineering, Fletcher, Nutrition, Sackler, Graduate Dental and Public Health. Trunk enables the sharing of knowledge and models of collaboration within and across disciplines.

Why use Trunk?

Distribute Content

Tufts instructors use the Trunk Resources, Drop Box, Lessons Builder and Media Gallery tools to distribute documents, video, image and audio files to their students.

Engage Students in Activities

Tufts instructors use the Assignment, Test & Quizzes and Forums tool to engage students in online discussions and assessments.

How to use Trunk

How to use Trunk

Trunk Toolset

1- The Syllabus tool allows instructors to create and display information about their course.

2- The Resources tool allows instructors to upload, organize and maintain digital files and make them available to their class.

3- The Lessons Builder tool allows instructors to deliver a guided sequence of content and activities to their students. It creates structured pages that pull content and functionality from other tools and organizes them as a series of sequential tasks.

4- The Media Gallery tool allows instructors to upload, manage and distribute video, audio and image files to their course site and to stream those media files to their students.

5- The Assignments tool allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, return, and grade assignments. Each student's submissions is private and can only be seen by the instructor (or TA) and that student.

6- The Forums tool allows instructors to organize and maintain online discussions for their class.

7- The Tests & Quizzes tool allows instructors and site Organizers to create online assessments (i.e., tests, exams, quizzes, and surveys) for delivery via a web interface to students or other groups.

8- Gradebook2 allows instructors to calculate, store, and distribute grade information to students online.

9- The Messages tool is an email tool that allows users to retain a copy of their e-mail on the site.  It also servers as an internal messaging tool.

10- The Sign-up tool lets instructors schedule a variety of events, such as office hour visits, review sessions, and study groups.

How to get started with Trunk

To get started with Trunk, contact Educational Technology Services ([email protected]) who will help you set up your account, train you in it's use, and advise on how top effectively incorporate it into your teaching.