Trunk User GuideTrunk User GuideTrunk User Guide What's new in Trunk?What's new in Trunk version 1.6.1 (August 2015 release)?

What's new in Trunk version 1.6.1 (August 2015 release)?

In August, 2015, Trunk was upgraded to version 1.6.1  

The upgrade includes a new Trunk tool and and fixed a number of functional problems.

New Tool: Journals

New Tool: Journals

A journal is an online blog or diary. The Journals Tool allows Instructors to structure an individual journal or blog for each of their students. Journals are frequently used in courses as a reflective student assignment or as a substitute for other discussion tools.

Journal entries can be directed to either the whole class or to just the instructor and can allow comments from readers.

By adjusting the default permissions, Instructors or organizers can structure a single “class” journal (or a series of “class” journals) that can be edited by all of the members of the site, in effect, using the Journals tool as a class wiki.


- Fixed bug that was sending out unwanted email notifications when copying files.

- Fixed Site Statistics Resources tracking - Instructors can now track the use of individual files or folders listed in the Resources tool

- Fixed student email list in Roster - instructors can see student email addresses

- Fixed “To” list on Trunk message tool - users can select multiple email/message respondents

- Fixed Site Info bug - Instructors can post Kaltura (Media Gallery) videos on Site Info panel on course Home page

- Added notifications to drag-and-drop Resource functionality