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How do I create joinable / un-joinable groups?

The Site Editor / Manage Groups tool contains a feature named "Create Joinable Set" that automatically creates joinable/un-joinable groups.

Groups can have separate Assignments, Forums, Topics, Tests/Quizzes, Announcements, Lesson pages, Email or Resources.

Students join/unjoin groups via their Site Editor tool.  See: How do I join / unjoin a group? (Student)

Go to Site Editor

This displays the Site Editor tool.

Click Manage Groups

This displays the Manage Groups page.

Click Create New Joinable Set

This displays the Joinable Set creation page.

Specify the Joinable Set parameters

  1. Enter a name for the set of groups
  2. Enter the number of groups to be created and the maximum number of members in each group
  3. Set the join / unjoin permissions
  4. Click Update

This creates the joinable groups

Instructor's initial view of the joinable groups (Example:)

Students join groups by going to Site Editor / Groups you can join and clicking on Join (Example:)

Instructor's view of joinable groups after students have joined (Example:)