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How do I set up syllabus parts in bulk?

Instructors can set up syllabus parts in bulk using the "Bulk Add" and "Bulk Edit" functions.

Go to Syllabus

This displays the Syllabus page.

Click Bulk Add

This displays the bulk add dialogue box.

Method 1: To create syllabus parts by number, title the parts, enter the number of parts, then click Post.

This creates the number of syllabus parts.

Method 1: Example

Method 2: To create syllabus parts by dates, title the parts, enter the required data, then click Post.

  1. Title: (required) This is the prefix title for each part
  2. Select "Create syllabus items by dates if you would like a new syllabus part for each date
  3. Start/End Dates: (required) These are the calendar dates between which the syllabus parts are created
  4. Start/End Time: (required) These are the start and end times listed for each syllabus part
  5. Display Dates to Calendar: Checkmark this box if you want each syllabus part ot appear on the proper date/time in the course Calendar tool
  6. Checkmark the class meeting days (NOTE: a syllabus part will be created for each individual class)

Click Post

Method 2: Example

To Bulk Edit the syllabus parts, click Bulk Edit

This displays the Bulk Edit page.

Here you can edit, reorder or remove any of the bulk created items - Example

When finished editing click Update

Note: you can use the "Bulk Edit" feature even if you did not create the syllabus parts using "Bulk Add"