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Student - Tips on taking a Test/Quiz in Trunk

How can I avoid problems with online tests?

- Use a computer with the Firefox or Chrome browser. Tests and quizzes work best on computers. Avoid using mobile devices. Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers.

- Be sure you understand how much time you have to take the test. Information about the time limit is displayed when you click on a test link, just before you actually begin the test. If your instructor has set a time limit, the test will submit automatically when the time limit is reached.

- Never click your browser's Back button while taking a test or quiz! Doing so may throw you out of the test or generate an error message. Instead, always use the navigation buttons within the test to move to the Next question, to go to a Previous question (if allowed), to Save and to Submit.

- Save often!!

  • If the test displays one question per page, your answer will be saved automatically when you click Next and move to the next question.
  • If the test displays multiple questions on the same page, scroll down to the bottom and click Save periodically to protect yourself from losing answers if a technical problem occurs.
  • If the test contains an essay question that takes time to answer, click Save periodically to save your work.

- Avoid opening new browser windows or tabs. While it’s common to open new windows or tabs when browsing the web, refrain from doing so when taking a test. New tabs or windows can cause serious problems when opened while taking a Trunk test.

- Don't use the Backspace key unless your cursor is in a field where you can enter text. Pressing Backspace under other circumstances may throw you out of the assessment and/or generate an error message.

- When you finish your test, be sure to click the SUBMIT button twice! To get credit for taking a test or quiz, you must SUBMIT it when you are finished. When you click the SUBMIT button, a screen will appear asking if you are sure you want to submit. Click SUBMIT again to submit the test.

- Print the confirmation screen. As soon as you submit a test or quiz, a confirmation screen appears that shows the name of the test, your name, a long confirmation number and the date you took the test. Print or copy the entire confirmation screen and save it for your records. You will not receive a confirmation email.

What if I lose access while taking a test?

If you lose access while taking a test for any reason, and there is still time left to complete it, return to the course site and go back into the test. You should be able to pick up where you left off.

Timed tests: Be aware that the timer keeps running while you are out of the test, so try to return to the test as quickly as possible. The test will submit automatically when the time limit is reached, even if you are no longer in Trunk.

How do I start a test or quiz in Trunk?

  1. In the course site, locate and click on the test (or quiz) link. The location of this link depends on how your instructor has organized things. If the main course menu contains a Tests & Quizzes area, look there. If not, the test link may be in the Lessons area. If you have trouble finding the test link, ask your instructor.
  2. Once you have located and clicked on the test link, you'll see information about the test, such as the due date, whether or not there is a time limit, etc. Your instructor may have also included special instructions. Be sure you understand how much time you have to submit the test.
  3. Click Begin Assessment to take the assessment, or Cancel if you want to wait and take it later.
  4. How you proceed through the questions will depend on how the instructor has set up the assessment. If the assessment has more than one page, click Next to save the current page and advance to the next one. If you have the option to do so, you can click Previous or use the Table of Contents button to return to earlier questions.
  5. When you're ready to submit the assessment, click Submit for Grading on the last page of the assessment or on the Table of Contents page, and then click Submit for Grading again to confirm your submission. You'll receive a confirmation number, which you should keep.

How do I see feedback after submitting a test?

Click on Tests & Quizzes on the main course menu. The lower half of the screen will list the tests you have already submitted. If your instructor has enabled feedback for a test, you will see a Feedback link beside the test. Click the Feedback link to see the details your instructor has made available.

My test score looks low. What's going on?

Test scores that display immediately after you submit a test do not include points for any Short Answer/Essay questions. If you take a test or quiz that contains Short Answer/Essay questions, the score you see immediately may seem low. When your instructor grades the Short Answer/Essay questions and awards points for them, your overall test score will be adjusted accordingly.