Trunk User GuideTrunk User GuideTrunk User Guide What's new in Trunk?What's new in Trunk version 1.5.2 (January 2015 release)?

What's new in Trunk version 1.5.2 (January 2015 release)?

In January 2015, Trunk performed a maintenance upgrade to version 1.5.2  This maintenance upgrade was based on Sakai version 2.9.3

The upgrade includes a number of Trunk improvements and bug fixes.

Test/Quiz automatic submission upon retract date

In the Test/Quizzes Settings, under "Submissions" there is a new option called Automatic Submission.  When checked, any "saved" but not "submitted" test/quizzess are automatically submitted for grading after the retract date passes.

NOTE: These test/quizzes are actually submitted at 4:15AM  the morning following the retract date

Preview Public Content

Preview Public Content

There is a new button on the My Workspace tool panel named "Preview Public Content"  This tool allows users to search for any public syllabus, announcements or content on any PUBLISHED Trunk site.

Calendar tool iCal Subscription Export

Calendar tool iCal Subscription Export

Trunk Calendars can now be subscribed to in iCal format. This enables all calendar events within a window plus/minus 6 months to be publicly subscribed and accessed, without authentication, in iCal.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Portal Chat allowing users on the same site (or users with profile connections) to use the Portal Chat feature
  • Fixed a question wrapping problem in Lesson Builder tool