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How do I download a Gradebook2 Template?

In order to import grades from an Excel spreadsheet, instructors must use a template that organizes the rows and columns of the spreadsheet in a proper format for importing. The Gradebook2 tool provides a mechanism for download a blank template that can be used for grading and importing back to the Gradebook2 tool.

This template can also be used for the Feedback tool (See What is the Feedback tool?)

Go to Gradebook2.

This displays the Gradebook2 tool.

Click Tools / Download New Item Template.

This displays the Gradebook2 download dialog box.

Select the default "All Sections", then click Download.

Depending on your computer settings, you may see another downloading dialog box.

Download the template (.csv file) to your computer.

Open the downloaded .csv file in your Excel (or other) spreadsheet application.

The template is set up with the proper columns and the information about your students (ID and Name).  Change the Column Header name to the name of your new grade item and add grades to column.

Note: you may add additional grade columns.

Save the file (as a .csv) file and import the grades to the Gradebook (See:  How do I Import grades from an Excel (.csv) file into the Gradebook2?)