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How do I make a web-cam video in the Media Gallery?

One of the built-in functions of the Media Gallery tool is the ability for Instructors and site Organizers to record web cam videos directly into the Media Gallery tool. These web cam videos can be stored in the Site Library, a Collection or in the user's My Media space.

If stored in the Site Library, these web cam videos can also be embedded into any Trunk text box. (See: How do I embed Media Gallery media in a Trunk text box?)

If the instructor allows students to upload media to the Media Gallery tool, students will also be able to make web-cam videos.

To make a web cam video the Media Gallery tool, click on Media Gallery in the left tool panel.

This displays the Media Gallery tool home page.

Note: The Media Gallery tool may not be listed in your tool list. You can add the Media Gallery tool using the Site Editor / Edit Tools function. (See; How do I add or remove tool on my Course or Project site?)

Note: During the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Media Gallery pilot program, the Media Gallery tool must be added to a Trunk site by a Trunk Administrator.  Contact

Click Upload (in the space you want to place the web cam video)

This displays the Upload media dialog box.

Click Video tab, then click Webcam.

This displays the Webcam interface.

Use the "Select a webcam" dropdown box to select your web cam.

If a Flash dialog box is displayed, click Allow

This returns the display back to the web cam interface ready to record.


Click Record and record the web cam video

When finished recording, click Stop

To preview the recording, click Play. To re-record the video, click Record.  When finished click Next.

Clicking "Next" displays the media's metadata dialog box.

Enter a title, tags and a description for the web cam video, then click Next.

This processes the video, which may take a long time depending on the length of the video, and displays the "Done" dialog box.

Click Finish (or Add More Media).

This adds the web cam video to the selected space and is displayed as a thumbnail image on the right.