Trunk User GuideTrunk User GuideTrunk User Guide Trunk AccountsWhat content can "Course Builders" access in a Trunk course site?

What content can "Course Builders" access in a Trunk course site?

Course builders CAN:

  • create, upload and read syllabus in the Syllabus tool
  • create, upload and red all items in the Resources tool
  • create and edit assignments in the Assignments tool
  • create, edit, publish Tests&Quizzes and see student’s Test&Quizzes responses and grade
  • create edit and read announcements in the Announcements tool
  • create, edit and read all content in the Calendar tool
  • create, send and receive email in the Messages tool
  • create, edit, read and respond to all content in the Forums tool
  • view Roster and Roster tool profiles
  • view statistics and create reports in Site Statistics tool
  • add feedback and view all student grades or comments or feedback in the Feedback tool
  • upload files to multiple resources in Dropbox tool
  • create, edit and read all content in Glossary tool
  • create, edit and view all participation in the Sign-up tool
  • view and participate in all Chat Room tool activity
  • create, edit and view the results of all polls in the Polls tool
  • create, edit  and view all content in the lessons Builder tool
  • edit site information (Site Editor)
  • add, remove, rearrange, rename course site tools (Site Editor)
  • add participants (Site Editor)
  • create and manage groups (Site Editor)
  • publish and un-publish a site (Site Editor)
  • import content from another site (Site Editor)

Course Builders CANNOT:

  • view student submitted assignment files in Assignments or view grades posted in the Assignment tool
  • view or edit the grade book in the Gradebook2 tool
  • view student images in Roster tool
  • view the contents of any student dropbox folder in Dropbox tool