Trunk User GuideTrunk User GuideTrunk User Guide What's new in Trunk?What's new in Trunk version 1.5.1 (August 2014 release)?

What's new in Trunk version 1.5.1 (August 2014 release)?

In August, 2014, Trunk performed a maintenance upgrade to version 1.5.1  This maintenance upgrade was based on Sakai version 2.9.3

The upgrade includes a number of Trunk improvements, bug fixes and new pilot programs.


  • Increased the default Trunk Timeout from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • Trunk Dropbox tool now allows instructors to place content in all student’s drop boxes without having to upload to each dropbox one-at-a-time.
  • Adjusted the default display of Announcements in My Workspace sites to display site announcements for the last 30 days with a limit of 5 announcements (rather than a display of announcements from the last 365 days with a limit of 20 announcements)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed “Reset Password” functionality and form for Trunk guest accounts
  • Fixed  problem with replacing a Profile2 image
  • Fixed problem with default permissions on a Project site Messages tool
  • Fixed Test&Quizzes problem with display of student answers in numeric questions
  • Fixed Turnitin  form error problem
  • Fixed administrative email template problem
  • Fixed Respondus Lockdown browser access problem
  • Fixed “Browse Server” problem on Site Information panel


Distributed Administration - During the Fall 2014 semester, Trunk will conduct a pilot program of the Sakai Distributed Administration tool allowing course builders and program directors to have access to a select set of tools in a select set of Trunk course sites.

Kaltura Media Gallery - During the Fall 2014 semester, Trunk will conduct a pilot program of the Kaltura Media Gallery tool.  The Kaltura Media Gallery tool allows instructors to upload video, audio and image files to their Trunk course sites, create collections of media and distribute them to their students.