Known Forums Tool Issues:

1- Attachments when using "automatically create multiple topics for groups"

Issue: When an instructor selects the "automatically create multiple topics for groups" feature and adds an attachment, the attachment is not added to any of the individual group topics.

Workaround:  Manually add the attachment to the individual group topics.

Status: Currently being reviewed by vendor (CLE-10923) - (ANI Sakai CLE

2- Chrome Browser - Topic page will not load is link is double-clicked (or if another topic is clicked while another topic is loading).

Issue: This is usually an issue when the Forum tool has many forums and many topics and many responses, which causes a topic page to load very slowly.  It also seems to only occur when using the Chrome browser. If, while the topic page is loading, a user clicks on a different topic (or double-clicks the single topic) the page will not load AND the user will not be able to open any topic in that session.

Workaround:  If you are in a situation where the Topic page does not load, just click on the tool Reset button (little blue circle of two arrows at top left of tool name) and the home page of the Forums tool is reset and clicking on a Topic should work (allowing the time for the Topic to open).

Make sure you single-click topics when using the Chrome browser.

Status: Currently being looked at by Trunk developers