What is the i>clicker tool?

Current i>clicker users who wish to track individual student responses can use the i>clicker Tool in Trunk to streamline clicker device registration.

Once the Trunk i>clicker tool is added to the course menu, students are able to enter their clicker device ID directly in your course. It also allows instructors to track the status of student clicker registration.

Additionally, once the Trunk i>clicker tool is enabled, instructors are able to configure i>clicker and i>grader software to connect the software with their Trunk course. This allows instructors to directly download class roster into the i>grader software to match clicker responses with student IDs and to directly post clicker grades into the Trunk Gradebook2 tool.”

i>clicker is not a default Trunk tool. To manually add the i>clicker tool to your Trunk site, see “How do I add or remove tools on my Course/Project site?