How do I view Forum statistics?

Instructors can view the Forum statistics. These statistics contain:

  • Number of Conversations/Replies each student has authored
  • Number of Conversations/Replies each student has read
  • Number of Conversations/Replies each student has not read
  • A list of each student’s posts with links to each post
  • Dates and times of each student’s piost
  • List of times and dates each student has read another student’s post.

Note: The Forum "read" / "not read" statistics are fairly unreliable because they depend completely on the instructor settings for each topic and how an individual student decides to view the conversations. Trunk Support does not recommend relying on the "read" statistics as being accurate for grading purposes.

See: How do students mark forum responses as "Read"?

Go to Forums.

Click Statistics and Grading.

This displays a list of each student, their number of posts, posts read and posts not read.

Example of initial Statistics and Grading by User page.

To view the Statistics by Topic, click Statistics and Grading by Topic.

This displays a page with a list of all of the Topics.

Click on a Topic name.

This displays the statistics for that Topic.

Click Details to see the individual student's posts for the selected Topic.

Example of one student's Topic details.

To see an individual students Forum postings, from the initial Statistics page, click on the name of a student.

This displays the statistics of the student's postings to all Forums.