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How do I link to a Tufts.Box.Com folder?

Instructors can link to a folder (or file) located in their personal Tufts.Box.Com site.

Log into with your Tufts university username and password.

This displays your folders.

This displays the URL link for the folder.

Copy the folder link to your computer's clipboard (CTRL-C [PC] or COMMAND-C [Mac])

Click on "Open Access" and select the type of access.

On your Trunk site, click Resources.

To the right of the Resource folder you would like to place the link, click Add / Add Web Links (URLs)

This displays the Add Web Links dialogue box.

Paste the folder URL into the URL box, dame the link, then click Add Web Links Now

This returns the display to the Resources page with the link to the located in the selected folder.


Example: (when student clicks on the link)