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How do I pull random questions from a Question Pool into an assessment?

In addition to manually selecting questions from a Question Pool to pull into an assessment (See "How do I pull questions from a Question Pool into an assessment?", instructors can also pull a number of questions at random from a Question Pool.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Under the Working Copies tab, for the selected assessment, click Select Action / Edit.

This displays the Question list for the assessment.

Click Add Part.

Note: Questions pulled at random from a Question Pool must be located in a  new "Part" of an assessment.

This displays the Add New part page.

Enter a Title for the part and a description (Optional).

Add an Attachment. (Optional)

Select Add Attachment(s) to add an attachment to the created part.

Select Random Draw from Question Pool, then use the dropdown box to select the pool to draw from.

Enter the number of questions to randomly draw from the Question Pool.

Enter a Point value for the questions.

Note: Point values entered here override any value that was inputted for individual questions in a corresponding Question Pool. Any form of negative point value applies to True False, Multiple Choice and Single Correct questions only.

Select a type of randomization.

Click the corresponding circle to select between the option to randomize student questions each time an assessment is submitted or the option to randomize student questions once for all submissions (in the case of allowed multiple submissions).

Add Metadata. (Optional)

Click Save.

This returns the display to the assessment question list with an indication of the random draw from the pool.

Use the order dropdown box to make the random draw "Part", the first "Part" of the assessment.

This will move the random draw questions to Part 1.

Click Renove (on the empty "default" Part)

This displays the Remove part confirmation.

Select Remove part and all questions (the part has no questions), then click Remove.

This removes the empty default Part of the assessment.

Configure the assessment Settings and Publish the assessment.

This will add the selected number of questions (at random) from the selected pool to each student's display of the assessment


Example of what the random draw questions might look to a student taking the assessment: