Trunk User GuideTrunk User GuideTrunk User Guide Site EditorHow do I add or remove tools on my Course/Project site?

How do I add or remove tools on my Course/Project site?

There are many different tools available to use in your course or project site.  You may choose which tools you want to use and may add or remove tools at any point.

Go to Site Editor.

Click Edit Tools.

Check or uncheck tools to add or remove.

Add multiple instances of some tools. (Optional)

The Lessons tool may be used as a single tool on the Tool Menu where students click to see all Lessons, or there can be multiple Lessons tools added to the Tool Menu so that each tool is a separate Lesson.

The Web Content tool points to any URL you enter and you may create as many of these as you want.

Click on the More Lessons Tools? or More Web Content Tools? drop-down menus to add additional instances of these tools.

Click Continue.

Once you have made all of your tool selections, scroll down and click Continue.

Click Finish.

New tools added are shown in red font.

Some tools allow multiple instances (Lesson Builder, Web Content, News). You will need to name these instances of tools before clicking Finish.

See "How do I reorder the Tools Menu?" for directions on arranging the Tool Menu buttons.