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How do I upload/download multiple resources?

All users can create a network connection to their Resources area and drag and drop folders and files between their local computer and this Resource area network share. This functional protocol is called WebDAV ("Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning").


  • WebDav in is only available for use on a PC using Windows Version 7 or Vista and on a MAC using Version 10.7 (Lion) or higher.
  • WebDAV cannot transfer files that contain non-alphanumeric characters in a file name or a folder name ([email protected]#$%^&*()+=:;"'?>,<). Underscores, spaces, dashes and periods in file or folder names are OK.
  • Before making a WebDAV connection to a Resource area, there must be at least one file or folder already present in the Resource area.
  • Once users have set up WebDAV for a particular site Resources, their computer will treat the Resources like any other folder on their local system. Users are able to drag and drop files and folders from Resources just as they would in “My Computer” in Windows, or the “Finder” on a Mac.

For Windows, users can download AnyClient for WebDAV connections, or set up a connection using the native Windows WebDAV support.

Mac OS X 10.7 and newer supports secure WebDAV connections in the Finder. Mac users can also use Cyberduck or AnyClient.

Depending on your specific operating system version, you may find one method performs better than another.

Go to Resources.

Go to Resources.

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Upload / Download Multiple Resources.

Click Upload / Download Multiple Resources.

Copy the Resource area's WebDAV URL to your computer's clipboard.

Follow the directions for using WebDAV based on your computer's operating system.

Follow the directions for using WebDAV based on your computer's operating system.

Alternate directions for PC (Vista / Windows 7)

Alternate Directions for PC (Vista/Windows 7):

If the process above yields connections errors, you may be able to utilize the WebDAV functionality to access your files using a free third-party client called AnyClient (

Alternate directions for MAC OS (10.7 or higher)

Directions for MAC OS (10.7 or higher):

  • - Go to your course site / Resources
  • - Click on “Upload/Download Multiple Resources”
  • - Copy the WebDAV URL to your computer’s clipboard.
  • - Download the Cyberduck WebDAV client at:
  • - Decompress the file and double-click on the .dmg file.
  • - A disk image named Cyberduck-2.X should now be available. Drag and drop the folder from the disk image to your Applications folder.
  • - Open the Cyberduck application in your Applications folder.
  • - Click Open Connection.
  • - Select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) from the top dropdown box
  • - In the Server dialog box paste the WebDAV URL for the site
  • - Make sure Anonymous login is unchecked
  • - Type in your Trunk username and password and click Connect.

You will now see a window on your Mac screen that represents the resources that are in your site. Drag and drop between this window and other Finder windows on your Mac to transfer files to and from your Sakai site's resources folder.