Trunk User GuideTrunk User GuideTrunk User Guide Profile2 (My Workspace)How do I add (and remove) pictures to my Profile2 picture gallery?

How do I add (and remove) pictures to my Profile2 picture gallery?

Users may add up to 10 pictures to their Profile 2 picture gallery. Gallery pictures can be shared with user's "connections". Galllery pictures can also be used as your Profile image. (See: "How do I use a picture gallery image as my Profile2 image?"

Go to Profile2 (on your My Workspace site).

Click Pictures.

This displays the upload pictures dialogue box.

Upload image files.

  1. Click the Browse button to search for images on your local computer and select them for upload. You may select more than one image if you like. The maximum number of profile gallery images is 10.
  2. Selected files will appear listed below the browse button. If you decide not to upload a given image, you can click Delete to remove a file from the list.
  3. Once you have selected your file/s, click the Upload chosen files button.

View Picture Gallery.

Once your images have been uploaded, they will display under "My Pictures".

Note: Your "connections" can view these pictures.

To remove a picture gallery image, click Pictures.

This displays the My Pictures page.

Click on the thumbnail image of the picture you want to remove.

This displays the full-size view of the image.

Click Remove Picture.

Click Confirm Removal.

This removes the image from your picture gallery.

Note:  If the image is also used as your Profile2 image, the image is removed from your picture gallery but not from your Profile2 image.