How do I edit my Profile2 information?

In Trunk, the only Profile2 information sections that are active and displayed in the Roster tool are:

  • Basic Information
  • Contact Information
  • Staff Information

The "Student Information", "Social Networking" and "Personal Information " sections are inoperative.

Go to Profile2 (on your My Workspace site).

Click My Profile (the default).

Click Profile, then to the right of the Basic Information section, click Edit.

Note: Mouse over the right side of the information section near the horizontal rule to display the editing option.

Edit Basic Information (Optional).

Edit Contact Information (Optional).

Edit Staff Information (Optional).

If you are a staff member at your institution, the Staff Information section is a place to display more information about you and your role at the institution.  For example, faculty members might choose to include a professional biography here, as well as information about research interests, publications, or the classes that they teach. Click Save to save any changes.

Example of how the Profile is displayed in a site Roster: