What is the Messages tool?

The Messages tool is an email tool that allows users to retain a copy of their e-mail on the site.  It also servers as an internal messaging tool.

When you send a Message tool email, the message is sent to the recipient's e-mail address and a copy is placed in your "Sent" Message folder and in the recipient's "Received" message folder.

Each user (on each site) has a has a number of Message folders that stores sent and received email or internal messages. The Messages tool provides a convenient mechanism for instructors to archive, on the site, their email correspondence with students.

Trunk has another emailing tool named "Mailtool". The difference between these tools::

Messages tool:

  • Saves a copy of the e-mail in the sender's Message tool "Sent" Folder and a copy of the email in the recipient's Message tool "Received" folder.
  • Contains a Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) function allowing the sender to send additional emails to Bcc recipients who receive the email but will not see the names of the other Bcc recipients, nor will other recipients see their name.


  • Provides a field for specifying non-site participant email addresses.  
  • If Email Archive tool is used on site, allows email to be sent to archive.