What is the Forums tool?

The Forums tool allows instructors to organize and maintain online discussions for their class. The Forums tool operates on a hierarchy of elements: Forums, Topics, Conversations and Replies.

  • A Forum is a template that holds a group of Topics.
  • A Topic is the idea, question or concept an instructor would like the students to discuss.
  • A Conversation is a student response to a Topic.  
  • A Reply is a response to a Conversation.  
  • Instructors create Forums and Topics, students (and/or instructors) create Conversations and Replies

The default permissions allows Instructors and Site Maintainers to create Forums, Add Topics to Forums, Create New Conversations and Reply to any student Conversation.

The default permissions allows Students to Create New Conversations and Reply to other student Conversations.

Example of a Forum with multiple Topics:

Example of Multiple Forums with Multiple Topics:

Example of a Topic with Conversations and Replies:

Example of a Conversation with a Reply: