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How do I send messages to the Email Archive?

Email sent to the Email Archive email address is stored and displayed on the site's Email Archive tool and a copy of the email is sent to ech site members regular email addrss.

Go to Email Archive.

Locate the email address for sending messages to the site's Email Archive.


Above the site address, you'll see a message telling you if you are authorized to send email. Use this account to send messages to the site. (For instance, if it is a @tufts email account you can use Outlook or any device that is connected to your @tufts account.

By default, students cannot send email to the site's email address. Only instructors, TAs, Guest Instructors, Course Builders and Librarians can send e-mail to the site's email address.

Send email to your site's Email Archive address from your email account, just as you would to any other email address.