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How do students upload files to their dropbox folders?

Students can upload files to their dropbox folders. Instructors can access all Dropbox folders.  Students can only access their own dropbox folder.

Additionally, students can use many of the "Add" and "Actions" features normally found in the Resources tool.  In the Dropbox tool, students can:

  • Upload files manually
  • Use drag and drop to upload files
  • Create subfolders
  • Link to their Google Documents
  • Add web links (URLs)
  • Create HTML documents

Go to Drop Box.

Select the Drop Box tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Add / Upload files.

This displays the Upload Files page.

Drag and Drop file(s) to the "Drop Files" box OR click in the "Drop Files" box to display your computer's file locator

If you click in the "Drop Files" box, select the file(s) from your computer, then click Open (or select)

This returns the display to the Drop box folder Upload file page.

Click Continue

This uploads the file(s) to your dropbox