What is My Workspace?

When you log in to Trunk, you will immediately see My Workspace, your individual workspace in the system.

My Workspace displays the Message of the Day posted by the Trunk Support team, as well as course announcements, calendar, and message notifications. You will also see links to account utilities, enrolled courses, and other system-wide resources.  

The tools in My Workspace allow you to view all your calendar events and announcements, to store, organize and manage a collection of resources, and to maintain a personal profile and specify settings valid on all your sites.

Example of Trunk My Workspace:

My Workspace consists of the following navigation and display elements:

  1. Site Navigation across the top
  2. The Tool Menu on the left
  3. The Message of the Day
  4. My Workspace: Calendar
  5. My Workspace: Recent Announcements

The My Workspace area is designed to give you an overview of what is happening in your courses, and provide access to your individual account information and preferences.

1 - Site Navigation:

The Site Navigation across the top of the screen allows to you access all of the sites in which you are enrolled.  You may also return to My Workspace at any time by clicking on the My Workspace button on the left.  There is also Logout button in the far right hand corner to exit the system.

1A - Jump to site tools:

You may click on the down arrows next to each site name to expand the Tool Menu for that site. Selecting a tool from that list will take you directly to that area of the selected course.

1C - More Sites Button:

1D - More Sites Links:

The top site navigation can only display a small number of sites.  If you have many active sites, clicking the down arrow on the More Sites button will display all of your actives sites.  Sites are grouped by academic term and type of site (i.e. course or project sites).  

Note: Inactive sites will not display in the More Sites listing. You can access inactive sites from the Membership or Worksite Setup tools.

2 - Tool Menu:

The My Workspace Tool Menu contains links to user account information and preferences. These links include:

  • Home: Return to the Home page of your My Workspace site
  • Calendar: View and edit your personal Trunk calendar
  • Announcements: View all of the announcements you have ever received from any Trunk site
  • Resources: Upload and store up to 1GB personal files 
  • Tufts Now: Link to Tufts University news, events, social media, blogs, videos, photography and more.
  • Web Content: Create a link to any web site by clicking Oprions
  • Search: Currently not available 
  • Course Evaluations: Links to course evaluation forms for students and course evaluation reports for instructors.
  • Profile2: Create a Trunk Profile and upload a profile image used in the Forums tool,
  • Membership: Access all of your Trunk sites and join/unjoin project sites
  • Preferences: Customize tabs, notifications, time zone, language and privacy
  • Site Setup: Create project sites
  • Preview Public Content: View Syllabus, Announcements or Resources made "public" on any course or project site.
  • Help: View step-by-step instructions on using Trunk tools

2A - Collapsing/Expanding the Tool Menu:

You may expand and collapse the Tool Menu by clicking on the arrow tab in the upper right portion of the menu. When the menu is collapsed, the menu links are represented by their associated icons.

3 - Message of the day:

The Message of the Day is posted by the Trunk Support team.

3A - Message of the day Options:

  1. You can choose to view just the subject line or the entire body of the message (default selection) by selecting the appropriate radio button.
  2. You may also use the drop-down menu to select to view All, One, or Two lines of the message body.
  3. You may also specify how many days in the past messages should be displayed. This is useful if you prefer to only see recently posted messages.

4 - Calendar:

The My Workspace Calendar shows events from all of the sites in which you are enrolled. In addition, you may also create individual, private calendar entries that are only visible to you from your My Workspace. As with the Message of the Day, you may customize the appearance of your Calendar by selecting the Options button.

4A - Calendar Options:

5 - Recent Announcements:

The Announcements area in My Workspace displays announcements from all of the sites in which you are enrolled. You may use the drop-down menu to view All items, Public items only, or items By Group. (You must be a member of a group in order to see group announcements.)