How do I add text to a Lessons page?

Instructors can add a text box to any point in the Lesson Page.

Go to the Lessons page.

Click on the Lessons Page Title (e.g. Unit #1) in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Click Add Content / Add Text.

This will display the Lessons Page Rich Text Editor text box.

Enter your text content, then click Save.

This returns the display to the Lessons page with the text displayed.

Tip: Use the Rich Text Editor tools to format the text.

View content on page.

Add additional text items to the page. (Optional)

Repeat the steps above to add more content items to the page. In the example image above, an initial text box was followed by an embedded image, then followed by a second text box.

Tip: Text boxes can be added at any point in the Lessons Page. You may want to intersperse text items with other types of Lessons content, such as images, embedded video, assignment or assessment links, etc.