What is the Lessons Builder tool?

The Lessons Builder tool allows instructors to deliver a guided sequence of content and activities to their students. It creates structured pages that pull content and functionality from other tools and organizes them as a series of sequential tasks.

Example of a Lessons page.

Lessons pages may contain any of the following items:

  1. Page title
  2. Text item (i.e. content on the page)
  3. Content links to items in Resources such as files or URLs
  4. Links to published assessments
  5. In-line question items on the page
  6. Items may be designated as required
  7. Links to forum topics
  8. Student Comments on the page
  9. Links to Student Pages where students may create their own content
  10. Links to subpages
  11. Items may have prerequisites (i.e. conditional release)

Example of a Lessons subpage.

Subpages in Lessons may contain all of the same types of items as the top level page.